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Bryson Ross

Bryson riding his mountain bike

The Rider Firm Marketing Director

Bryson joins The Rider Firm with over a decade of brand marketing and public relations experience. While studying marketing at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Bryson began his career in the cycling industry as a shop mechanic. After college, he took on a marketing role at a high-end road components brand, followed a leadership role within a boutique marketing agency focusing on leading cycling brands. Bryson most recently served as a PR director at one of America’s premier marketing agencies for outdoor, cycling, and active lifestyle brands. As a rider throughout the course of his life, he’s dabbled in most disciplines at this point, from BMX and cyclocross to multiday bikepacking. As Marketing Director, Bryson supports the marketing and brand management team members with the overall goal of serving new riders and strengthening our brands’ connections with existing riders.